Who we are

Steven Jennings is a seasoned Financial Advisor with 28 years of experience helping business owners and high net worth individuals with Investments and Financial Planning.

Starting out in 1994 as a stock broker trainee, Steve worked at the Dean Witter office in Ridgewood, NJ and worked very hard to earn his clients and the title of Vice President.  After the merger with Morgan Stanley in 1997 he was promoted to SVP and transferred to the Penn Plaza office in New York City.  Through the years Steve managed his own Raymond James office and worked most recently with National Securities in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Motto:  All you have to be is a "Nice Person" and I will do my best to help you!

Founded by Steve in 2022, Evergreen RIA, LLC is an independent, financial services company offering products at the lowest possible prices and expenses.  An annual fee is charged for our services and we dont receive any commissions.  When I call you to do a trade, it is not to produce a commission.  I am motivated to do what is right for the client, when the time is right.  We are patient, and follow investment goals and objectives that are preset for each client in a personal "Financial Plan".  My job is to watch your investments, follow the plan, and to keep you updated on your portfolio.  


"Steve restructured our investment portfolio to generate dividend and interest income while reducing risk to principal. Ironically, I thought I could do it on my own but the volatile markets and changing investment landscape made it too much to handle.  I sleep better at night knowing a professional is watching my investments"    Jerry M

"EvergreenRIA, LLC helped us to review all of our 401k, 403b and other IRA statements from previous jobs. Steve sat with us to figure out a family budget and developed a financial plan to invest for retirement .  He saved us time, money and a ton of emotional stress."    Vincent B.